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The Alpha is for the rider who wants to boost higher than all his mates and take a crack at their local WOO record. The Alpha gives you more airtime for those extra few seconds in the air to stall that board off or make super smooth rotations and throw a few mega loops in.



The Alpha is your new advanced free ride, boosting and hang time machine. The Alpha offers huge lift with sheet in and go. This is a fast high aspect kite that flies forward in the wind window – with a wide turning arc and great pull through kite loops. The Alpha offers a huge wind range with excellent performance in high wind conditions. The bar feedback is direct and predictable with good bar pressure. Aimed at advanced twin tip free riding and big air boosting – the Alpha is not recommended for entry level riders, directional wave riding or foil boarding.

With the massive hang time available on the Alpha, this is our ultimate selection for massive twin tip boosting and old school favourite tricks like board offs. The Alpha can be megalooped with confidence and with its highly efficient design and smooth kite profile – the Alpha makes for a great kite for both upwind and downwind riding.


Sizes : 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 12

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The Alpha is a Big Air Boosting and Looping Weapon.
With riders recording over 33m on WOO, this kite is not for the faint-hearted. It is what we refer to as a ‘Swept C’ as the kite has a distinct C shape but with swept wingtips affording the rider greater sheet in and go along with C-Shape bar pressure, pull, and feel in the loops.
A fast, high aspect ratio kite flying forward in the window, providing an excellent Top End in strong and overpowered conditions. Conditions suited to extreme riding and massive boosts


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